Fine Pairings

Season 4 Finale: Five Star Requests

August 26, 2021

Get ready for a wild ride! Thanks for the 5 Star reviews!!

Written by Claire - "Hungry like a Wolf" - Witcher x Orange is the New Black

Written by Grace - “Your Fondness Grows” - Stardew Valley Meme fic

Written by Claire - "Dig Up Some Feelings" - Harry Potter pining after Cedric

Written by Grace - “Choke Me Like You Hate Me but You Love Me” - A fic that ends with "choke me stranger"

Written by Claire - "There's Always Space in the Nook" - Tom and Red from Animal Crossing

Written by Grace - "Claire and Grace are so very talented" - A RPF about Grace and Middle School


(Upgraded) Honey Boo Boo - Mix 1 oz vodka and 6 oz strawberry seltzer (bud light if you want to seduce yourself, IYKYK). Top with strawberry pink lemonade. Enjoy with ice on a nice porch in the summer with your friends while talking about reality TV.

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